Impacted Modules field to small


I’m a v1.0 user and I’m migrating to 3.0
I created from scratch, and I must say, it’s going very nice. Much easyer and more user-friendly than v1.0.
I use nikobus and have a problem with this size op the input field of the ‘Impacted Modules’ in the ‘Things’.
Normaly it’s no problem, but I have some ‘ALL LIGHTS OFF’ buttons that have an impact on all my modules. I have to put 12 modules in the input-field, all with a syntax like : switch-module:S1:2.
Is there a way to enlarge the field?

Hi Marc,

It is possible to comma seperate the impacted modules like

Or on the code tab:

UID: nikobus:push-button:NB_PL01_96D0:9D0AFA
label: nb_pb_12A
thingTypeUID: nikobus:push-button
  impactedModules: dimmer-module:NB_DM01_3AC5:1,dimmer-module:NB_DM01_3AC5:2,switch-module:NB_SM02_1A5F:1
  address: 9D0AFA
bridgeUID: nikobus:pc-link:NB_PL01_96D0
location: Woonkamer naar keuken

However I’m not sure you can put 12 modules in this field.

You’d better ask this in the Nikobus v2 topic. You’ll get a quick reaction by the writer of the add-on.