Imperihab and Zwave Issue

I’m not sure to post here or in the binding section as I see other ImperiHab posts in both sections. But can anyone confirm if they are using ImperiHab with some Zwave switches?

I just set it up and I noticed that after I turn on the switch with ImperiHab, the switch in ImperiHab returns to an Off state after a few seconds even though the actual switch/light is still on.

And the OpenHab app does continue to show the light status correctly.

I can confirm, and it is working well for me. I have two light switches and two dimmer switches that are zwave (ge from lowes) and all operate properly with imperihab.


On your openHAB instance, look at event log and make sure actions from imperiHAB are calling appropriate REST URL.
I have imperiHAB working on my android phone without any issues so far. I have 11 switches, 2 dimmers, 2 alarm control, 1 PIR, 1 composite for aeon 6-in-1 sensor and 1 composite power consumption widget that accumulates instantaneous power consumption from all 13 switches.