ImperiHab Setup

I’m still pretty new with OpenHab and HA, and cant’ seem to get ImperiHab binding to work. Or atleast I can’t get my android phone to connect to it. I think the issue may be that I have syntax issue with setting the slide show folder?

I’ve added the binding and action to my addon folder.

I have OpenHab running on Ubuntu and in my Openhab config, I have set the ipaddress of my openhab setup and the slideshow path as follows


and on my phone, I’m using the following path

Do you need specifically named jpg files in the slideshow folder as well? I only added in 2 home pic/images to test with. test.jpg and testing.jpg.

And I missing something basic?

Thanks for any help

Just wanted to report back that I solved my problem here, and my steps above were all fine. Just (sigh) I feel bad having to admin that the wifi was turned off my phone during the setup, and was attempting to connect via a 4g signal.