Imperihome - Add devices

Hello! first of all i wana say that im completly new to openHAB. I came from domoticz.
In domoticz i used imperihome to control my devices and would like to continue to use imperihome.

Since im completly new to openHAB im kinda lost att trying to add devices to imperihome.
I followed the docs at but i think they are outdated.

I did use REST to send a PUT command defining a TAG to my items in openhab. (since i could not add a “tag” in habmin.)

according to the docs i should put [“mytag”] in imperihome.cfg and the example shows this:
Dimmer LVR_DinnerTable “Dinner table” (Lights) [“iss:room:Living room”, “iss:type:DevDimmer”]

However. if i dont use a “=” the log shows “could not parse line”.
for example: Switch LVR_DinnerTable = [“mytag”] would get acceptet and the log say “Configuratino updated” but nothing shows up in imperihome.

What is the correct format to add a device?

also im not sure that my installation is correct. if i go to http:localhost:8080/imperihome/iss/rooms i get a nullpointerexception

but if i go to localhsot:8080/imperihome/iss/devices i get a json showing 0 devices

im sorry for a very hard to read question, but i just dont know how to explain my problem. been trying a few days to solve this but im about to give up!.

thanks for any help!

Welcome to OH.

First off, to confirm that you installed the Imperihome binding? You don’t use imperihome.cfg for Item tags, I think you are misreading the docs. They go in the .items file or through the HABmin UI setup. You don’t need a .cfg file unless you are changing the System ID or Root URL (the next ImperiHome sections of the docs is a main header and not a continuation of the .cfg section right before)

You can add a tag in Habmin in the Item definition:

I would start there first. Later if you want to get more control over your item definitions you can use the .items files in your conf directory.

Wow! Thank you! i completly missunderstood the docs.

I added iss.type:DevSwitch as a tag instead and everything worked!
now i can finaly start playing around with openHAB and imperihome :slight_smile:

is the reason i cant add tags in HABmin becouse i added the items using paperUI and not creating a manual .items file?
thank you!

No, they both write to the same jsondb files so shouldn’t matter. To test you can go to the Thing in HABmin and add a test Item (you can have more than one Item associated with a Thing channel) to see if you can type the tag during creation and then test editing the tag for that Item.

Your other option if you still can’t get it to work and don’t want to do an .items file is to directly edit the jsondb (it’s under userdata/ )

Thank you for you help!.
I ended up doing my own .items files and its wokring realy well!

thank you!

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