ImperiHome not working on OH2.1?


I’ve been using the ImperiHome binding before on OpenHAB and had it working with 2.0. However, I’ve set up a new machine with OH 2.1 and I am not able to get it working. Whenever I add a line like this to my items

Number TEMP_DG_Kind "Sensor Kinderzimmer [%.1f °C]" ["iss:type:DevTemperature"] <temperature> (gTemp)

I just end up with a message like that

Configuration model 'sensors.items' has errors, therefore ignoring it: [16,86]: missing EOF at '<'

and under URL/imperihome/iss/devices I get nothing but an empty JSON:


Am I doing anything wrong or is that a current issue with OH2?

Thanks a lot for any answer that might shed light on that issue.

The error is saying there is a syntax error in your sensor.items file at line 16, character 86.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the Tag needs to go at the end, as documented here

The order of the parts of an Item is fixed. You cannot mix them up.

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Great! Thanks a lot. Indeed, I had to put it at the very end. I wasn’t aware that the order is fixed and mandatory. Now it’s working flawlessly.

However, another question: is it possible to have all items that are defined added to Imperihome without having to define tags for each?

I know nothing of Imperihome. It it isn’t documented in the Imperihome readme then it likely isn’t supported.