Imperihome Remote access via myopenHAB cloud - Is this working?

I’m a new OpenHAB user, and have just set up a new system using openhabian. I’ve been trying to use the Imperihome Add-on. I have Imperihome working OK on my local network, but I am unable to connect remotely via my myopenHAB cloud account.

In Imperihome, I have set the Remote URL as ‘’, and the ‘Login’ and ‘Password’ the same as I have for my myopenHAB cloud. During the validation, I get a response ‘Error - Invalid response from API’. I have checked & double-checked the login credentials.

Are these settings correct? Is there something else I need to enable somewhere? Or is this feature broken at the moment?

I am using openHAB 2.5 milestone release.


You can always setup your own openhab cloud.