Imperihome setup help

I have the ImperiHome binding and it is starting when OpenHab starts. I have looked all over the place to find out how to add items to the item list so I can have the devices show up in ImperiHome. Sorry if this is out there I just cannot seem to find anything that actually explaines how to set it up in OpenHab so you can use it.

Thanks for taking a look at this thread.

There are instructions and a few examples on the Wiki;

Let us know if you still don’t get it to work.

// Andreas

I tried to understand the binding. I am new to this so it is hard to understand how to actually add it to items. My ImperiHome does not see any items I have. I tried to do the normal addition of an item and add the imperihome stuff on the end but I am not sure if that is correct.

Switch Basement1 “Basement Center” {imperihab=“room:Basement,label:Basement,type:DevSwitch”}

I know something is wrong with it I just cannot figure it out.

Thanks for the response Andreas.


I’ve tried your line exactly as it is, and it works fine. However, it did take me a few minutes until I got it to show up in Imperihome (I’m not using Imperihome normally so I’m not familar with it).

The solution to my problem was to click on the refresh icon in the top right corner in Imperihome. It should quickly say “Reloading devices…” and once you have done that, the device should show up in the list when you try to add a new widget.

Is this perhaps the solution to your problem as well?

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Hi guys,

I’ve configured imperihome, looks great, works well.
But, the motion sensor is showing NTR as a value. I’ve tried changing type to DevDoor.
Also changed item type. Both number and switch showing the same result.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!