Implementation of Z-Wave Color Control Command Class


I own an Aeon Labs RGB bulb, and I would like to control its color. It is quite disappointing not to be able to control the most important feature of this light bulb.

I have read that Chris has already implemented the color control for OH2, but he doesn’t plan to include it in OH1.

I have almost all set-up and working for OH1 and I don’t plan to switch to OH2 soon, so I would like to implement/port this functionality for OH1.

I am going to need help because I don’t even know where to start from, but I am willing to contribute.
I understand that Chris can’t do everything at the same time, so if he shows me what I need to do, I will give it a try.

You should know that this is because OH 1 is basically end of life. The developers and maintainers are unlikely to support adding new capability and spending effort on an end of life product.

Despite your hesitation to move to OH 2, I believe you time would be better spent on migrating to OH 2 than in porting OH 2 features and capabilities to OH 1. But your time is your own to spend how you wish.