Implementing a counter - custom module?

Hello everyone,

I have a setup at home that sends the CPU usage of my gaming PC to OpenHab every 5 seconds. I can view the load on a small tablet with Habpanelviewer.

It works fine, no issues there, it’s just the aesthetics part that I’m trying to tweak. Because of the 5 second refresh rate, its ‘jittery’. I am now trying to add a count-up and down. So when my load changes to 0-20, I see a counter going up on my tablet from 0,1,2,3 etc, you get the point.

I’ve tried implementing a CSS way, but this causes crashes. Then I moved to AngularJS.

I found th

  1. I found this:
  2. I lazy loaded the script and added the ‘var myApp = angular.module(‘myApp’, [‘countTo’]);’ part to my page within a tag
  3. Added this to the page

I edit my pages on a computer in Chrome. Much to my surpise, it worked instantly!
However, within habpanelviewer, or android chrome, nothing is shown at all.

Left: Chrome on PC, right: Habpanelviewer or Chrome on Android (any version).

Question 1
Does anyone have another idea for dynamically counting from x to y?

Question 2
Does anyone have any pointers as to why it works on PC, but not on Android?