Implementing DMP Alarms

I saw how DSC Alarms could be integrated in to the openHab so I reached out to DMP Alarms to see if there were any future plans to work with openHab. What are the steps to get them involved? I am as green as it gets to this stuff.This was the response from them:


At this time neither company has reached out to us for integration.

Thank you,
Melissa Stapp
DMP Customer Service
Digital Monitoring Products |
417.831.9362 Ext. 225 | Fax 417.831.1325
Toll Free 800.641.4282|FAX 800.743.5724

What are the steps to get them involved. I am as green as it gets to this stuff.

openHAB is not a company. We are an open source project. If DSC wants to create a binding they are more than welcome to do so. We will help them as much as they need. If they have a public API we don’t even need the company to be directly involved so someone can write a binding on their own.

But the openHAB Foundation does not, as far as I’m aware, reach out to companies to ask for contributions. Individual binding developers sometimes do.

So the steps are to find a developer and have ask the companies if they are willing to work with an open source project to provide integration with their systems. Do not be surprised if they have no interest or are hostile to this. Many companies are.