Implementing DMX with openHAB

Dear Community,

Greetings, please I need your help for implementing DMX with openHAB.

As I understand, I can control DMX fixtures (rgb flood light) using openhab’s DMX binding, and through LAN connection as in the diagram


  • I connect openHAB server (raspberry pi 3 B+) with network switch (by network cable),
  • Then connect DMX over-ethernet adapter (such as NetDMX from to the network switch
  • Finally connect DMX flood lights with NetDMX using XLR DMX cables

So the questions:

  1. Is this connection right ?

  2. And about the used hardware ?

Assuming you mean to stay with DMX, see binding docs.
They’re telling you that there’s two bridges to be known to be supported, and they both use Ethernet.
You can daisy chain a WiFi/Ethernet repeater if you don’t want to deploy Ethernet cable, but’s that’s about your only [reasonable] choice w.r.t. wiring.

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what do you mean by this, I guess you mean create wifi area to cover the dmx flood lights. but in this case I need wifi receivers connected to dmx flood lights ?

  • Also, is the diagram that I submitted correct ?
  • Do I need NetDMX, or I can use as cable as in the video ?

No, I mean to connect the repeater with the NetDMX and to then replace (or complement) your switch with a WiFi AP.


Well, I don’t want to watch minutes of videos just to give you an answer, and probably many community members share that feeling with me, so next time please place your questions in precise words and written form only.
According to the announcement at the beginning it’s just about a cable to replace a DMX cable.

But you need NetDMX (or the sACN bridge) because that’s the only devices that the binding can talk to - it cannot talk to DMX lights directly, and you cannot connect DMX cables to your server anyway (no, you cannot plug them into an Ethernet port and expect that to work).


Just as useful information…

The whole range of adapters from SmartShow support Art-NET and sACN versions of DMX lighting over Ethernet.

Art-NET is the oldest version and probably the best for dedicated LAN networks, where there is ZERO other traffic.

sACN was developed recently to be more efficient, due to the ever increasing need for channels in the theatre world.

Your diagram and understanding seems just right to me.

Once you’ve set the static IP of the SmartShow device, you’ll just need to configure a bridge in OpenHab2.

From then on its plan sailing.

Although creating complex chases with hundreds of channels is tedious, the results are great.
But as you’re only looking for a couple of channels for a nice colour wash, the whole process should be quite painless :slight_smile:

Good luck,


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I am using OLA, and cheap usb dongle straight to the RPI to create the artnet node, works superb for me.

What is OLA. And can you share the usb dongle you used


Is software DMX.

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Finally after postpone, it works; I used netDMX with DMX binding.

Thanks for your helping,

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