Import devices created on domoticz in openhab

Hi everyone
I’m new to the forum and I do not write well English (use google translate)
I’ve always used domoticz, but they talked to me about openhab.
I wanted to know if it is possible to automatically import the devices created in domoticz into openhab.
and if there is a guide.
excuse me if the question has already been asked. but I did not find anything on the forums.

Thank you very much.


I have never come across an automatic way if importing domoticz setup into openhab

I do not know if I explained myself well.
for example:

I have 10 devices configured and working on domoticz,
but I would like to check them through openhab. (because I like the graphical interface)
so I would need something that only acts as a link.

lamp 1 (openhab) ---------> lamp 1 in domoticz

practically icons created in openhab that control devices in domoticz

the main system remains domoticz, but is managed by openhab

I hope I explained myself better

sorry for my English

You will have problem using 2 automation controllers.
Why are you trying to use domoticz AND openHAB?

You can achieve what you want with the MQTT binding quite easily

I have to use the 2 systems at the same time
because I have devices that only work on domoticz

I’m not very practical, actually I’m just at the beginning.

but then there would be a system to import / simulate the devices created on domoticz in openhab?

is there any guide?

sorry for my inexperience

What devices? openHAB has more bindings that domoticz and is more open. We should be able to get those devices working with openHAB


I use so much in domoticz: broadlink

then in domoticz I have a script (dzVents) that reads me the status of a webserver and shows me the status, so I can see if a specific lamp (managed by the webserver) is on or off.

if all this can be done in openhab, I am ready to immediately abandon domoticz


Broadlink binding
Exec Binding

on the website, I have not seen any bindings regarding broadlink devices.

but then, on openhab, I can safely read the status of a webserver, “import” and view the status of its devices?

for example:

  1. read status of the webserver devices
    I get this

“life”: 1,
“domus”: “000000000000”,
“status”: [0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],

I can display the 15 icons
1 = off
2 = off
3 = on

subsequently, can I create a condition?

I’ll explain even better:
I need to do this:

  1. read status of individual devices
  2. view the status of the individual devices
  3. if the status of the device 3 is 1 execute a command in broadlink (if the state of the device 3 is 0 execute a command in broadlink)

and this for every state of the individual devices of the webserver.

I do not know if I could explain myself
I hope so

I’m so sorry, but I’m inexperienced
I’m starting now

Thank you very much
and congratulations