Import/Export Things / Items / Rules at openHab3?

I installed on my raspberry the OH3 64bits version. I was expecting that it was it was more stable then it is. It going now regulary out of memory.
For that reason I want to go to the OH3 32 bits setup. Of course I have configured a lot already in the 64 bits version and would love it when not to redo that again in the 32 bits version.

For that reason, can I use the backup from a 64bits OH3 to restore it on the 32bits OH3 later or can I not mix them up in that way?
When not working with the backup restore tool would it then work with copy the jsondb files from the 64 bits to the 32 bits version?

It should work but I can’t say if there is something that might cause problems with binary files in the userdata folder, in particular persistence/mapdb and persitence/rrd4j. All the Items, Things and such are plain text.

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