Import GSON in Openhab?

Hey guys,

I created my own binding to communicate with a Raspberry Pi. So now i will send JSON strings to handle it easier. My question i now, how i can import a JSON library? I tested JSON library already in BlueJ with JSON-java and i cant add it in Visual Studio Code. I have figured out that i have to add in “Java Projekts” in “Dependencies” the .jar file but i dont have the folder with my binding in “Java Projekts”. There are the other bindings without mine.
Does anyone have an idea? Thanks already for the help.

The standard library for that in openHAB is GSON. That should be available. Can‘t help with VSCode, I‘m using IntelliJ.

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Thank you for the answer. Do you know how i can “import” the GSON class?
I tried
but it doesnt work.

You need to add the class.


And then

Gson gson = new Gson().

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