Importing zwave devices into OH

I’m a total beginner and I’m trying to move from FHEM to OpenHAB. I’m using zwave and I have an Aeon Z-Stick Gen 5 as controller and I have 5 Fibaro wall plugs FGWPF-102. The devices are already associated with the controller, which was done in FHEM, and I want to move everything to OpenHAB and keep the old associations. The reason for doing this is that the devices have energy counters that I need to keep and I’m worried that performing a new inclusion would reset them.

So I’ve pluggen in the controller and started up OpenHAB. It found the devices but it seems that it has only been able to identify two of them correctly, these show up as FGWP102 while the other three are listed as “Unknown Device”. All five devices are the same model so it seems strange that only two of them would be identified correctly.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I know the manufacturer and model code of the devices, can I manually enter this into OpenHAB any way?

I think the first question will be along the lines of “which version of oh and binding are you using”?

I’m using the latest snapshot.

Z-Wave Binding 2.1.0.SNAPSHOT

If they are unknown, it means that the initialization sequence has not worked out, or that they are in fact unknown to the binding. In your userdata/zwave, see if the xml files between the identified nodes and unidentified nodes are the same (make and model number etc).
Don’t add the unknowns to oh.