In openHAB Designer Eclipse unable to show the options while writing the code of items and rules and sitemaps etc

I think you need to provide more details as you screen shot looks normal to me.

If you mean that your sitemap on the right doesn’t reflect your updates to demo.sitemap, you need to reload the page on the right after you save demo.sitemap and openhab has reloaded the sitemap, which can take a few seconds depending on the polling periods in openhab.cfg.

Maybe he is talking about the “content assist”?

Just hit CTRL-SPACE to open the content assist:

I try to run the existing project in android studio 1.5.1.I getting some error while build the gradle build running.will give below screen shots along with this errors.I am using android compiler sdk version 15, build tool version 23.0.2, target sdk version 15.
System environments:
OS:Fedora 22

I successfully build the apk file by using in android studio.I am using the android studio 1.5.1 and SDK build tool version 23.0.2
and I newly some compile package added to the mobile project those pakages are

  1. compile ‘com.crittercism:crittercism-android-agent:+’

  2. compile ‘com.crittercism:crittercism-android-agent:+’

  3. compile ‘’
    before these pakages are not adding to mobile project getting some errors.after adding that remove the errors in mobile project.
    below screen shot along with mobile in

    buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
    classpath ‘’


allprojects {
repositories {

I will change the
dependencies {
classpath ‘’
below screen shot along with the wear project in

After build apk file will run the emulator 5554.The emulator having
API level: 23
Release name: Marshallow
ABI: armeabi-v7a
Target: Android 6.0(with google apis).
When apk file run in emulator and some real android mobile .The apk file successfully installed android v6.0 emulator and real android v4.1 mobile .When we are open the application doesn’t open.It will show only one error “Unfortunately, openHAB has stopped” will getting this kind of error. According to the in that mobile-debug .apk file size is 4.0 MB.In we are build apk file size is 4.5 MB.Please solve this error.

I try to get the build apk file in android studio (1.5.1).In android studio will using the Android v5.0.1(API 21).I have no changes in just download zip file and and run into the android studio. When build the apk file I getting some errors.This is my file

will get the errors during the build apk file.The below given screen shot Error file

I solve this error with
defaultConfig {
multiDexEnabled true
The apk file has successfully installed in real android device or mobile.Whenever open the this openHAB application thrown one error.The error name is “Unfortunately,openHAB has stopped”.The apk file size is 4.7 MB.According to in our openHAB project the apk file size 4.0 MB.