In the UI for some items we have displayed the messages ON OFF and for other devices it is not displayed

  • Platform information:Arduino + Raspberry Pi4 Home automation

    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi4 2GB RAM
    • OS: Raspbian
    • openHAB version: openHAB 2.5.10-1 (Release Build)
  • Issue of the topic: In the UI on some devices I have the messages ON OFF and on some devices it is not displayed.

    • Items:
Switch          LuminaA2         "Bedroom1"            (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA2:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA3         "Bedroom2"            (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA3:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA4         "Dressing"            (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA4:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA5         "LivingRoom1"         (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA5:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA6         "LivingRoom2"         (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA6:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA7         "Kitchen"             (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA7:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA14        "Office1"             (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA14:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA15        "Bathroom"            (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA15:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA16        "Rezerva"             (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA16:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA17        "LedSpot"             (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA17:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA18        "Bell"                (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA18:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA19        "FloorHeater"         (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA19:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA20        "PrizaHol"            (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA20:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA21        "Basement"            (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA21:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA23        "Office2"             (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA23:lamp" }
Switch          LuminaA25        "BathroomVent"        (Lights, CmdGroup )         ["Lighting"]    {channel="mqtt:b0684fa5:0746e4de:LA25:lamp" }
  • Sitemap:
            Switch item=LuminaA2
			Switch item=LuminaA3
			Switch item=LuminaA4
			Switch item=LuminaA5
			Switch item=LuminaA6
			Switch item=LuminaA7
			Switch item=LuminaA14
			Switch item=LuminaA23
			Switch item=LuminaA15
			Switch item=LuminaA25
			Switch item=LuminaA19
			Switch item=LuminaA16
			Switch item=LuminaA17
			Switch item=LuminaA18
			Switch item=LuminaA20
			Switch item=LuminaA21

You have not asked for any [state presentation] in any of your Items. So you get the default, which can vary depending how Items are configured (and can be no display).

Switch          LuminaA2         "Bedroom1 [%s]" ...