In wall scene controller recommendations?

Looking for zwave based Scene controller recommendations. Thanks to openHAB and automation of things, I have managed to remove a few switches around the house, since the smart items on the end of the line should never have their power switched off. So this leaves space for scene controllers and other cool update items. I have had a bad experience dealing with the Enerwave-ZWN-SC7-Z-Wave-7-Button-Controller. So I am looking for better suggestions. The Enerwave is a pain to set up, and normally I wouldn’t complain as long as it’s a one time deal. The issue is it seems to clear/drop it’s configuration if any button is held down. Yes I know, don’t do that. But it makes the device not user friendly. I have had it for about three months and guests have managed to flash it three times, and the 20 mins to takes to re-set it all up makes it not worth having… so what is a good solid unit… at least 4 Button, and fits a standard gang box…