Inbox being filled

My inbox keeps getting filled with not-existing network devices, i.e. at the end all possible network addresses are listed.
I can delete them, but the appear again.
What happens here ?

You are giving not much information (openHAB version, which bindings installed, which operating system), so we can only guess:

Ok, let me see.
This is on Windows, openHAB 2 ( installed today ) , active bindings are network, rfxcom and z-wave.
Those entries in the inbox are created by the network binding.
In my case the entries are 10.0.0.x, where x is from 1 to 254.

I made a new installation,again on Windows 10.
Same thing : As soon as I activate the network binding, all possible IP-adresses get listed in my Inbox. The list looks like a broadcast list, all from 1 to 254, which corresponds somehow to
This is a show stopper.
If someone can help me, please do.

As you can read, discovery for the network binding does not start automatically, so I have no idea what is going on on your network and can’t remember any threads mentioning this, sorry …

That should not happen. Please create a bug report on github with your system information incl. firewall setup and any unusual network configuration.

The discovery can be triggered by the mobile apps, habmin etc for “user convenience”. It is not necessarily the binding, it doesn’t happen on my system for example.

But it shouldn’t list all IP addresses without actually finding any decide.