Inbox flooding with RFXCOM items

I have been running OH2 for about a week now, including the RFXCOM binding. Since then, any 433MHz message is being recognized and added to the inbox which currently contains 105 (!) things that I will never use (since the are from my neighbour’s devices).

Is there a way to prevent these from showing up in the first place?

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I don’t know if you can prevent them from coming in the first place but if you delete them or ignore them from the Inbox menu of PaperUI you can prevent them from coming back and cluttering up your Inbox. I have a number of dead zwave nodes that my controller still has on it that I’ve done that to. Haven’t seen them since I deleted them.

Unfortunately, a restart of OH will show them in the Inbox again.

Odd. Maybe it is a difference between how RFXCOM works compared to zwave. I deleted my zwave ones and they have been gone for good, even after blowing away my userdata/cache and userdata/tmp between upgrades.

I don’t even need to restart or delete tmp and cache. I just have to wait a while.

Created an issue

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