Include html in sitemap (android app)?

I’m trying to include part of the openhab logfiles in my sitemap…

I use the exec binding to trigger a script that generates the html … no problem!

Webview url="/static/openhab.html" height=16

Also this works fine… I get a box with my desired part of the log …

When using the openhab android app on the other hand … I just get white empty boxes instead of the text … is there problems with the viewing of html through the mobile app ?

Answering myself here… apparently the code above was sufficient when using the sitemap through a web browser using myopenhab… but not using the android app … I had to replace it with:

Webview url="http://server-ip:port/static/openhab.html

So to summarize:

To show some html on your sitemap is not very easy, if you want to use the android app, then the adress must point to an internal ip (and it will only work when you are connected to your internal LAN):

Webview url="http://192.168.x.x:port/static/openhab.html"

If you want to go trough then the internal adress declaration wont work … instead you need to specify like:

Webview url="/static/openhab.html"

But then it only works in a web browser for some reason, it doesnt work in the android app, although they both connect trough myopenhab … can anyone explain why not ?

no one ?

i got the same issue, any resolution on this?

I think so. Have you tried before asking?

Hey Bernard,
can you try the apk attached here: