Include new binding in openhab 3

I wanted to include a new addon binding in openhab 3.1.0. I generated the .jar file of my addon after building it in openhab maven project. I have openhab installed in my ubuntu machine (apt install) and is running. Copied the jar file to /usr/share/openhab/addons folder and changed the owner.

However, I don’t see the binding in the ui. Am I missing any step. I am a beginner and want to integrate this new binding in my openhab.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome Sarbartha!
addons which are added via the jar files don’t show up in the overview of Addons in the UI.
Just go to the Things overview and start adding via the + button.


Thanks a lot. I am able to see my binding in the Things section. Maybe it is a great idea to show local bindings in the bindings tab as well.