Include new items frustration

Going from 1.8 to 2.2 and to 2.3-snapshot has been a hell of a road. All my things was working in 1.8, but going to 2.2 z-wave things didn’t like to be part of the network. and since some is working it’s frustrating that an item that has been working perfectly is not working any more even when I already has i like one working. I got Aeon stick 5 gen and running on linux OS.

I’m not sure if it’s the Aeon stick or OpenHab z-wave addon that is the problem, but it’s frustrating. Even you boot the server and suddenly battery things does not work, never come back recognized as unknown even it worked perfectly before the boot.

I think the problem is, that you have to read config out of every device into the new z-wave OH2 database.

Is there a special function for that?

And I did a restart of OH again an the some Battery Items that did not work before start to work after reboot, but
then some that did work before reboot, stopped working.

I can always remove all items and add them again, but I’m not sure that is the solution.