Inclusion Mode with razberry modul no longer works

since recently, the inclusion of new z-wave devices doens’t work.
Until a few weeks ago, when I was the last device involved,
everything was running fine. (before update to openhab 2.2.0)

now, when i start the inclusion mode with paper ui or with habmin, the razberry modul switch only for a very short time in the inclusion mode … it is not possible to inclusion a new z-wave
device. the red LED of the razberry does not light up … this LED usually lights during inclusion

in the log you can see the short time

otherwise the z-wave network is running.

my system …

  • openhab 2.2.0 release build
  • raspberry pi 3
  • razberry z-wave modul
  • z-wave snapshot 2.3.0 (25.03.2018)

does anyone have any idea what this could be or have already experienced with this phenomenon?