Inclusion of a very slightly modified library in the source code of a binding and subsequent issue


I nearly finished a “SMSModem” binding (ability to send and receive SMS with a 3g modem, either in “serial USB” form, or in “serial over network” form, 100% java Windows and Linux compatible).
For this purpose, I use a third party library (in fact, it is a fork, of smslib, apache license).
This library is not available on maven, and also not in bundle format. And anyway, I slightly modified it, by purging unnecessary code, and also to use the serial library of openHAB instead of another third party library.

So, for these reasons, I included the entire source code org.smslib package INSIDE the code of my binding.
I have some questions regarding my choice :
1- Is it OK ?
2- If it is, what should I use for the author tag in every java file ?
3- Should I use the org.smslib package name, or should I use a subpackage of my code (i.e. org.openhab.binding.smsmodem.internal.smslib) ?
4- Does the openHAB code conventions apply (NonNullByDefault classes, etc) on the smslib code ? If possible, I want to keep it as slightly modified as possible, is it OK to let it “as it” ?

Thanks for reading

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