Inclusion of an existing z-wave network


after a long and hard way to get OH and HABmin in operation I want to operate my old existing z-wave network. Up to now it was running with Zway which was installed on my Razberry. Now I want to include this existing network into OH. But HABmin shows no devices in the zwave binding. Do I make a mistake?
Within the zwave log I found some errors:
The start seems to be ok:

2016-03-08 20:50:40.129 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.ZWaveActivator[:36]- Z-Wave binding started. Version 1.8.1
2016-03-08 20:50:40.212 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.ZWaveActiveBinding[:175]- ConverterHandler not initialised. Polling disabled.
2016-03-08 20:50:40.221 INFO o.o.b.z.i.ZWaveActiveBinding[:325]- Update config, port = /dev/ttyAMA0
2016-03-08 20:50:40.222 INFO o.o.b.z.i.ZWaveActiveBinding[:330]- Update config, healtime = 2
2016-03-08 20:50:40.223 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.ZWaveActiveBinding[:282]- Initialising zwave binding
2016-03-08 20:50:40.396 INFO o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:148]- Starting Z-Wave controller
2016-03-08 20:50:40.398 INFO o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:156]- Z-Wave timeout is set to 5000ms. Soft reset is false.
2016-03-08 20:50:40.399 INFO o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:322]- Connecting to serial port /dev/ttyAMA0
2016-03-08 20:50:40.518 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController$ZWaveReceiveThread[:1413]- Starting Z-Wave thread: Receive
2016-03-08 20:50:40.525 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController$ZWaveSendThread[:1197]- Starting Z-Wave thread: Send
2016-03-08 20:50:40.531 INFO o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:342]- Serial port is initialized
2016-03-08 20:50:40.531 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:1154]- Starting Z-Wave thread: Input
2016-03-08 20:50:43.537 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController$WatchDogTimerTask[:178]- Initialising network
2016-03-08 20:50:43.566 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.SerialMessage[:109]- NODE 255: Creating empty message of class = GetVersion (0x15), type = Request (0x00)
2016-03-08 20:50:43.568 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:620]- Enqueueing message. Queue length =

But in the following lines are these errors

2016-03-08 20:50:45.228 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.ZWaveNetworkMonitor[:315]- Network Monitor: Queue length is 4 - deferring network monitor functions.
2016-03-08 20:50:48.583 ERROR o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController$ZWaveSendThread[:1309]- NODE 255: Timeout while sending message. Requeueing - 2 attempts left!
2016-03-08 20:50:48.585 DEBUG o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController[:620]- Enqueueing message. Queue length = 5


2016-03-08 20:50:48.596 WARN o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController$ZWaveReceiveThread[:1508]- Protocol error (OOF). Got 0x61. Sending NAK.
2016-03-08 20:50:48.705 WARN o.o.b.z.i.p.ZWaveController$ZWaveReceiveThread[:1508]- Protocol error (OOF). Got 0x76. Sending NAK.
Do some of you have an idea whats going wrong?

Is there no one who has an idea. I read a lot of instructions but my zwave grid is not there. Are there any secret orders?