Inclusion or Discovery?

While trying to learn how to get Openhab to include a thermostat I found " See the configuration tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to configure Things using discovery" which results in


That’s a Four-Oh-Four.
Take me home.

What page is the link on?

Here’s the old version of the link, which is no use on OH3 as it uses the old UI

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Things | openHAB

Defining Things Using Discovery

That sucks, still leaves me without a means to ‘discover’ my thermostat…

Why not tell us a bit about your thermostat and we might be able to help you discover it…

I believe all that is needed is here but since I have still not been able to figure out from the documentation how Openhab works I’m at a dead end. I looked into USB based Zwave devices, there are many, but all have issues or so it appears, even with a different radio I’d still not be able to use Zwaves Inclusion mode to add things…
UPDATE: The CT100 has a radio tower ICON that shows radio Link status and MATE, reading the users guide explained that the radio is not active unless a power source is provided, while on battery the radio does not broadcast. It makes me wonder why programmers would not just turn the Radio ICON off without external power, as it is it appears the radio is functional which means RAZberry is not seeing any Zwave devices. I discovered this while trying to figure out how to wire the CT100 into an RV, RV furnaces do not use 24 volt AC for the thermostat and the C wire they talk about is in reality ground while RH and RC are 12 volt DC. I’ll add 12 volt to the CT100 thermostat to test while I pull new wiring to my existing thermostat location that includes three wires instead of the two that are there (RH + W / +12 and Furnace).