Incompatibilities OPENHAB 1.x 2.0 in rules

It seems that OH2 is not compatible with respect of

  1. “sendHttpPostRequest(url)”.
    Using this function returns “null” with url containing a valid string.

  2. The lambda workaround for missing function call as explained in
    is also not working anymore.

  3. the homematic binding 1.9x is loosing connectivity to my CCU.

  4. the homematic binding 2.0 is buggy and seems not to support CUX

  1. Please file a bug at
  2. I would expect it to work, but the FQCNs need to be adapted to org.eclipse.smarthome. Maybe someone could try this and add the info to
  3. Please report at
  4. Please report at

For all bug reports, please provide detailed information about the problem. “is buggy” or “loosing connectivity” is probably not very helpful for the analysis.

I have submitted the related description in the bug tracker.

Meanwhile I could mitigate a behavior of point 3 by explicitly define the ip of the callback server in the homematic.cfg. It seems that the auto discovery feature is not working. I have create the report in the bug tracker.

Also the “not all rules load during startup” bug known from OH 1.8x for so long, has hit me again. For this bug I have also created a report in the bug tracker.