Incorrect username/password

Hi everyone,

since few days ago, my connection to myopenhab was lost. As I was away, I didn’t have time to check what’s wrong, until now. When i tried to login to (web page) it said that my email/password was incorrect. Then I tried to reset my password and got the password reset link, clicked it, changed the password, but again, I wasn’t able to login.

Then i thought that maybe again some db issues happened and maybe db users table was corrupted/dropped, but it said that email already exists, so I would say that something else is wrong with

Am I the only one having this issue or just first to talk about it? According to infrastructure status, everything’s fine and without any issues… wouldn’t say so :slight_smile:

Also, the password reset email ended in spam folder :confused:

Yes, running stable here since several weeks now, … :sunglasses: