Increase Memory Usage of Java Process


upfront, I’m sorry to post this here, but I’m really quite at a loss to find a suitable category for my question.

I’m experiencing a very slow start of openhab and first-time execution time for rules is also very slow. I have found a hint that an increase of the memory for the Java process might remedy the problem - which absolutely makes sense.
I now tried to add the -Xms and -Xmx parameters in the openhab start file but I’m not sure they have any effect.

I’m running OH on a Pine64 board; the memory usage seems to top at approx. 560MB while I tried to increase the parameters above to 1GB each.

Any ideas from the community what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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What flavor of Java do you use? Should be the 32bit version, because 64bit Java is very slow on ARM.

Thanks, I’m using the Oracle JDK 32bit version.