Independent switch of Fibaro FGS-223 "channels"?

Hi all,
I my ask you for advice on my thougts: I have a wall box which connects a power outlet an my kitchen ceiling lights. The power outlet is reserved for my future wall mounted tablet setup. Going through the forums here I was thinking if the following setup would be possible:

  • Install a Fibaro FGS-223 dual switch (
  • Install a toggle or momentary switch to channel 1 (S1) to control my ceiling light on (Q1)
  • Q2 would we wired to the power outlet but to no wall switch
  • Q2 should be controlled by openhab to supply power only when the tablet’s battery drops down to 20% and power cut shall be when the battery is at 90%

Is this setup possible with the mentioned Fibaro Switch? Does someone have a similar setup? Thanks for helping out!
Kind regards Kai


Yes. I have the pwr supply of my doorbell wired to Q2 without using any attached physical switch.


Great! That’s good news. Thank you!