Indino LED lights

Hello I have a question,

I’m really new to OpenHAB so this might be a stupid question.

I have some smarts LED lamps from the brand: Indino, But I can’t find a Binding with the brand Indino in it, Can i control the lamps with the “Wifi LED” Binding and the IP Adress of the lamps?

You can find a link to it right below:

I also have these Smart plugs, From the brand Caliber, Also can’t find a binding for this brand, what Binding do I have to use?

Or basically how do I install my smart plugs / lights in OpenHAB without a Binding dedicated to the brand of my Lights / plugs?

The link to my smart plug:

Generally, you don’t. Your device has to be willing to communicate with other systems. What you have to know is how it communicates, and find a binding that can communicate that way. If your smart plugs allowed communication via MQTT, for example, you could probably control them with the MQTT binding.

A quick scan of the web pages for these products seems to indicate they can only be controlled via Alexa/Google. So you might be able to use the Echo binding for them. If there are other comms protocols they use, look those up.


I am willing to buy a Google Nest Mini and integrate OpenHAB into that, as well as the lights into google home, the smart plugs work with IFTTT , can i make it work that way?


Belmans Joey