Individual visitor reception from calendar entry

Hello everybody,

does anybody know, how I can create an individual visitor reception on a TV or Tablet ,if I have an appointment entry in Google Calendar.
Here is an example:
I create a meeting with Mr. ABCD of the company XYZ in Google Calendar. Is it possible that an individual visitor reception will be automatically generated ten minutes before the meeting starts. The following should be readable on a TV or tablet:
“Welcome Mr. ABCD to our company. Please go to room 1234”

The main goal is to generate a text from a calendar entry that is visible on a TV or tablet.

If anybody has an idea, I would be very happy!

Are you already using OpenHAB or are you looking for a solution?

What do you mean exactly?
I am already using OpenHAB and looking for a solution.

Because the forum gets these kind of requests from time to time from poeple looking for solutions to problems thinking that OH could be a solution without knowing what using openhab involves.
In your case I would use node-red with the google calendar nodes and the dashboard instead of openHAB. You can then push data into OH if you want as an option.

I think this is theoretically possible but I don’t know how easy it will be. There is a Gcal binding and a CalDav binding, both of which can interface with Google Calendar I believe. From looking that the Gcal binding you can do something like:

start {
  send|update WelcomeGuest "Welcome Mr. ABCD of company XYZ"
end {
  send|update WelcomeGuest "Goodbye Mr. ABCD of company XYZ"

in the description of the Calendar entry in Google Calendar.

The challenge comes in with how do you manage multiple guests. I can envision a number of solutions including:

  • Have a separate Item (Display) that controls what gets displayed on the TV or tablet
  • When WelcomeGuest receives an update that starts with “Welcome” add that line to the end of the displaying Item. Display.postUpdate(Display.state.toString + "\n" + WelcomeGuest.state.toString)
  • When WelcomeGuest receives an update that starts with “Goodbye” remove the line from the displaying Item: Display.postUpdate(Display.state.toString.replace(WelcomeGuest.state.toString.replace("Goodbye ", "Welcome ")+"\n", "")

I leave it as an exercise to the student for how to take the contents of the Display Item to show it on the TV or Tablet. I imagine a custom HABPanel Widget would be most appropriate. I suppose Kodi would work as well.

Does anybody have a new idea?
Unfortunately, i didn’t get any further…

Did you try any of our suggestions?