Inexpensive BT tag

I just came across these: Pet Dog Anti-lost Tracker Smart Buletooth Tracer Locator Tag Alarm Tracer Finder, which would seem to be an inexpensive means of implementing presence detection, or even location detection ala iBeacon. I have not evaluated one of these myself, but I am sorely tempted to purchase one to try it out.

Does anyone have any experience with these devices? I’ll post to this thread when I’ve had a chance to play with one – already pulled the trigger on purchasing one for evaluation.

From my experience working with similar devices, I do recommend looking into reelyActive (search the forum) for the presence detection part.

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Thanks for the tip, @rlkoshak!

The reelyActive project provides some very slick web views of their presence detection system in action. I’ll have to give it a go here, which probably means another rpi 3 for the experiment.

Don’t miss my tutorial on how to get it to post to MQTT for how to get reelyActive to report to OH. I can confirm it works for a Moto X PE and Fitbit. It’s a little chatty so you will probably want to add some denounce logic to smooth out the states.

I just found out that BTLE devices that look exactly the same are also on aliexpress: here The current price is just $1.64 with free shipping to Germany in case someone else is interested.