Influx db persistence policies (default versus non default)


Just started with Influx-Grafana a week ago. All working quite well. To avoid running out of space I decided to create a retention policy:

As you can see, the creation was successful but when querying for policies on my openhab_db I see autogen is still default and next to my created one.

So my question is: What is the impact of having both autogen as default and a created policy? Will my policy work? Do I need to set it as default? How?



Hi @sihui. Txs for articles. I’ve read both articles before posting my question and they do not answer it.
I found in Influx db documentation that best way to set retention policy is to do so at database creation time because default retention policy cannot be changed.afterwards. Only additional policies can be added. To be honest I don’t know how several policies can coexist and it is not explained clearly for what purpose anyone would want concurrent policies.
To make a long story short, default (and only supported in OH?) policy must be specified at db creation time. Unfortunately in above original tutorial from @ThomDietrich
the suggested creation does not specify any retention policy and hence the default (infinite) retention is taken by default. May I suggest @ThomDietrich to update the creation exemple to include retention like in Influx 1.7 manual for InfluxQL data management: