Influxdb 1.4 measurements merging [solved]


Although not really openhab related, I have question about influxdb:

I have to numeric items (deviceA and deviceB) stored in influxdb which have both non overlapping data.
Any idea how I can merge deviceA into deviceB (or vice versa) ?
I searched for it but could not find the right answer (solution) and I’m not really a database programmer …


Used ‘select * into deviceB from deviceA’ , simple isn’t it ?

Hey @bbubble62 it’s nice you solved your problem, but it would be even better if you would share HOW you solved it. So in the feature people wont get salty if they someone had the same issue and did not tell how he fixed it.
:grimacing: Thanks :grimacing:

As listed in the message : select * into deviceB from deviceA

-ben :slight_smile:

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I was searching a couple of hours, now and this is the solution when you renamed an item and you will combine the old values with the new :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :heart: