Influxdb on synology getting slower and slower

Does anyone know this problem?: I have OH 2.4.0 on a synology running. After a docker installation of influxdb and grafana everything worked fine initially. But after a couple of months not only OH but all other programs of my synology were getting slower and slower. As a result I have got many timeout errors in OH log file. When I checked the system I saw a couple of influxdb instances using more than 80% of CPU and RAM load. The data to persist were just 5 temperature values every 5 minutes, storing for last 60 days - seems to be not so much. I stopped the docker container and everything worked fine again.
What can be the reason for this heavy ressource consumption?

I would suggest to check the influxdb support

Have a look at this topic [SOLVED] High CPU Load for 3 days after adding 2 Items in InfluxDB and see if it may relate to your situation.

Well i have a similar issue. I solved it cleaning cache and tem files. Yo know, stop OH, clean and restart. Nownis working fine but aometimes i have overload but some days and then everything goes fine. I hace to see the log to provid you more details, but maybe there is some instances that might cause it, i saw last week an error on the log but i didnt took seriously and maybe that error is causing my overload. I will have a look on sunday afternoon.

Thank you for the hint. I will ckeck it next days.

Sorry i am writing fom the phone. What I mean is that i had a big issue with big overload sustain along days and weeks, then i solved it cleaning cache and afterthat everything goes well. Right now i have little issue with the overload but only during a few days then everything goes normal. I never investigated it because is not annoying but i will do it next sunday.

I recommend you to check out rules, clean cache, and review how often you store data with influxdb in your setup.

I see that you get temperature every 5 minutes, so it is ok. I dont use Docker. By the way, I have grafana and everything installed on the same computer (Rasberry Pi).