Influxdb persistence: Write values at seconds resolution

With installed influxdb openhab writes the values to influxdb with a resolution of milliseconds. However a resolution of seconds (saves space) is sufficient for me. Where can it be configured to store the time with seconds resolution? There should be some configuration, because the default resolution of influxdb is nanoseconds.

If that’s possible at all, I’m guessing you have to do it in the server.
The persistence doc states:

The times for the entries are calculated by InfluxDB.

Of course time is calculated by influxdb. However you can specify the precision. Obviously Openhab specifies “ms” there. Because without any specification the resolution is nanoseconds.

Sounds like the sort of thing you might be able to specify in influxdb,cfg, if you knew the keyword.

But, how much space are you expecting to save by dropping three characters off of a datestamp?

Nope. This parameter is not configurable.

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