Influxdb. Read field different than 'value'

As we can read in documentation:
All values are stored in a field called “value”

Is there any solution to read value from different field ?
For example, is it possible to read the latest value using rule ( like …PreviousState(measurement.field1) ) and write to another openhab item (sotred in value field) using postUpdate?

Thanks in advance.

Yes there is a way to read different values from influxdb.


For example:

rule "YourRule"
	Time cron "11 */3 * ? * *" // At second :11, every 3 minutes starting at minute :00, of every hour
	var int nTimeShort = 4
	var int nTimeLong = 30
	var Number nAvgTempShort = GroundFloor_Living_Temperature.averageSince(now.minusMinutes(nTimeShort))
	var Number nAvgTempLong = GroundFloor_Living_Temperature.averageSince(now.minusMinutes(nTimeLong))

A full list of persistence extensions you can find here:

I would like to add that the data is collected outside the openhab.

Sorry I missunderstood the question.
If your tables has a custom structure I do not know a solution to select the value direktly in a rule.

You may solve it with a shell script execuded in a rule, like described here: