InfluxDB Retention policy


I have install InfluxDB Database to show datas in graph. And it works :slight_smile:
I have one value which i like delete after one day, to save memory. I have found that i can configure the autogen file, but i don’t found this file on my openhabian. Can you say me, where the file is located or how i can create one?

Thanke you

You didn’t find it because there is no autogen file. This is the name of the default retention policy. The retention policy is configured with an influxdb admin tool (you can do this e.g. with chronograf) or the influx cli. Not sure if there also is a config file to do this.

But more important: while you can have multiple retention policies for one database from influx side, the openhab binding supports just one retention policy. Means you can not choose to delete values earlier or later on a item level.