Influxdb time zone offset wrong (daylight savings?)

all of my rules looking at historical persistence of items in my house started incorrectly a couple months ago – I recently narrowed it down to just my items persisted in influxdb and just the rules looking at items history over the past hour.

I looked at the data being persisted in influxdb (UTC) and noticed it was off by 1 hour. I’m surmising this started for me around daylight savings start…

so now I’m wondering, is this due to OH’s integration with influxdb, or sometihng with influxdb, or something with the raspbian os on the PI have this running on. FWIW - date on raspbian reports everything with respect to datetime correctly and so does my openhab service running on that box.


I’ve noticed this too, but I think that it only started 2 snapshots ago (can’t be sure). My understanding is that Influx always stores UTC times, but OH should take daylight saving into account.