Initialisation NOT yet complete. Skipping heal

Hi @chris ,

I’m getting this log for fibaro fgk door sensor.
02:00:02.198 [DEBUG] [z.internal.ZWaveNetworkMonitor:287 ] - NODE 98: Initialisation NOT yet complete. Skipping heal.
what does it mean…?
When does initialization is done, at the time of inclusion once only or every time openhab is starting up…?
what are the consequences if initialization is not completed properly…?


It means that the binding is not going to do the nightly heal since this device has not completed initialisation yet.

Initialisation takes some time. When the device is first initialised, OH will spend some time to conifgure it and read all the various device information back. This is stored in the XML file, so is only done once. When the binding restarts, it performs a small amount of initialisation checks.

If it’s not initialised properly, then it probably won’t work properly! It’s hard to say though as it depends on what is initialised and what isn’t initialised!

thanks chris