Initiating a new setup

Hello all,

I’m in the process of starting a first home automation project.
So far I bought a Rsapberry PI 4 with 2 GBytes. OpenHAB 3.2 has been installed successfully on OpenHabian.
Here are the “legacy” devices I need to integrate on my platform :

  • Somfy screens (based on RTS)
  • Airco from Viessmann
  • Solar inverter from Huawei (Sun2000)
  • I will buy sensors for temperature/humidity, 1 or 2 webcams, etc…

As I’ve been reading much in the last days, I understand that bizbee is probably a good choice for the upcoming devices to be integrated. For that I think I will buy a bridge from Sonoff.
But for my “legacy”, I’m a bit lost on the way to proceed.
Any hint and experience sharing is welcomed with those legacy devices ?


Dear Community,

Anybody with some hint for me on this topic ?

the airco will be hard without knowing more details