Innogy Binding strange behavior

Is there someone else who use the Innogy-Binding by Oliver Kuhl and have some strange behavior?

Every night between 3.30h and 4h some Innogy-switches lights up. Not even the same, but different lights goes on.

I installed openhab 2 absolutely new, I used the 2.2 stable version but snapshots too.

At the moment openHAB 2.2 snapshot #1263 is running on a Mac Mini, OSX El Capitan.

I made a workaround with Time cron, which looks between 3 and 4h every second if lamps light up and shut them down again.

Is there anybody who has an idea what the reason for this behavior could be?

Thank you and best regards.


What do the logs show?

When I get up at 8h, the log entries of that time are not shown anymore.

Thanks and best regards.

If you open /var/logs/openhab2/events.log and openhab.log in a text editor you can see the whole log and “go back in time”

I have a very similar behaviour with the innogy switch (2 buttons, WSC):
Every night, after my router has retrieved a new IP address, the button trigger is received.

2018-06-23 03:43:14.617 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - innogysmarthome:WSC2:SMARTHOME02:<SERIALNUMBER>:button2 triggered PRESSED

I have a rule which fires after button press (Alexa text to speech). But every night (see above) and after a system reboot, the rule is fired. Quite annoying…

Does anyone have an idea how to prevent this??