Inovelli ilumin LZW42 zwave "unknown"

Hi Folks,

I’ve searched and searched and cannot figure out why my LZW42 device is unrecognized by openhab.

I’ve just updated openhab and am running v2.5.4-1.

The device does seem to be present in the device database according to this:

All I get in paper UI though is the following:

Z-Wave Node 014 (031E:0005:0001:2.28)

Unknown Device

Any ideas of what steps I can take next? Happy to post any additional info that would help diagnose the issue.

Thanks much!

This device has been in the database since 2.5 by the looks of it, so as long as you’re using a version of 2.5 it should be ok.

It would be good to check the version using the CLI. Otherwise I’d suggest to get a debug log (although I’m not 100% sure it will help - you may need to enable trace level logging instead of debug level).

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick reply… I’m using the 2.5 version of the database that appears to be from 14 Nov 2019.

I see the device in the database so I’m at a loss as to why it appears unknown.

I’ll try putting the binding in debug and/or trace tomorrow and update with what I find.


2.5 was released in December, and this device was only added to the data on 8th December. So if you’re running something from November, then it will not contain this database entry.

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Thanks Chris,

Updated the zwave binding to and that did the trick (along with a reboot)…

For whatever reason, prior to rebooting, all I would see was the following:

Z-Wave Node 014: LZW42 Ilumin RGBW Bulb

Unknown device

And then after a minute or two PaperUI shows this:

Z-Wave Node 014

Unknown device

Working well now though so thank you for the help!

Why are you running an unstable version of openHAB in your Production environment??

The 2.5.4 stable version is much more tested and suitable for Production use. The unstable snapshots are designed for developers and their testers to find and correct any instability.

The 2.5.5 version number mentioned above was with respect to the zwave binding, not openhab. Edited for clarity.

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Just remember to delete that manually installed binding when upgrading openHAB.