Inovelli NZW31S recognized as NZW31

I have both NZW30S and NZW31S. My NZW30S (ON/OFF) switches with Scene support are recognized properly and work fine. I have no issues setting up rules or configuring a rules to use the scene support. The NZW31S are being recognized as NZW31 without Scene Support.

Current properly from the org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.DiscoveryResult.json

  "thingTypeUID": {
    "segments": [
  "properties": {
    "zwave_class_basic": "BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE",
    "zwave_class_generic": "GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL",
    "zwave_frequent": "false",
    "zwave_version": "1.3",
    "zwave_listening": "true",
    "zwave_deviceid": "7936",
    "zwave_routing": "true",
    "zwave_beaming": "true",
    "zwave_class_specific": "SPECIFIC_TYPE_POWER_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL",
    "node_id": 7,
    "zwave_manufacturer": "786",
    "zwave_devicetype": "7936"

I’m new to openhab, only been using it for a couple of weeks. If there is additional information required from another configuration file, please let me know.


Please post your xml files from your zwave folder.

The device you are referring above is here:

I will post the XML later today. Also, I partly agree with you that my device is that link. While, it works for the dimmer, it is missing the “Scene Enabled” part. If you look at

It has the “Scene Number” section, that section also needs to be added to 807 or another device created. As per the instructions I read on, submit a ticket on openhab to figure out what should happen in this case.

That dimmer link you sent works for NZW31, I have the NZW31S which include Scene Mode. As noted, it detects the device without issues, I’m just missing the “Scene Number” section to make full use of the switch.


As we have two different devices for the NZW30 and NZW30S we should add a separate entry for the NZW31S, I think.

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As mentioned earlier. I have attached INOVELLI_NZW31S_DIMMER_ZWAVE.xml (12.8 KB)

I hope that is the correct XML file, I have renamed it from network_…node…xml.

Let me know what else I can assist with or is required from my end.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

As I cannot find any reference in the www about the configuration parameter needed to activate scenes, please check your manual for that and post the information (parameter number, word size, enable/disable value, default value).
Also please check the other configuration parameters from your manual and compare them to the existing NZW31 if those are also valid for the NZW31S.

I do not have a regular NZW31 + Repeater. I looked and the manual on cd-jackson for NZW31 is actually for the manual for the NZW31S - If you check the last page in the specifications section you will notice NZW31 (Scene-Enabled) that is the NZW31S version not the NZW31 + Repeater version. My NZW30S manual has the same nomenclature “NZW30 (Scene-Enabled)”.

I compared both NZW31S and NZW30S manuals together. They have the same COMMAND_CLASS_* functionality except the NZW31S has “26 - COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL” for the obvious dimmer capability.

The parameter settings are obviously different but I can send those over if required. Nothing about SCENE control in the parameter settings.

Unfortunately, the XML file that is provided on Inovelli’s website for “NZW31 + Repeater” is actually for the NZW30 not NZW31, I checked that as well to see if I could get a different DeviceID for the non-scene enabled device.

Given the manuals are the same, I’m going to assume the configuration required is the exact same as the “Scene Number” section inside of the NZW30S configuration.

I don’t know where the base configuration file that contains all of the device configurations is. If you can provide that, I would manual edit and test if needed.

I think this pushes us to having 2 database listings - we just need to work out what the device IDs are for the two devices.

There isn’t one as such - it’s the database which is an SQL system. This is exported as an XML (which you can see on the database page) into the binding JAR file. You can edit the XML in the JAR if you want, but ultimately we should sort out the database…

I have submitted an email to Inovelli’s Support, which was fast and responsive to another request I had.

As for changing the JAR file, that is a bit more involved than I really care to deal with. I’ll work on making sure we get the database updated properly.

The current NZW31 device configuration in the database is actually for the NZW31S, so can we update it with the appropriate configuration? I will work on getting the Device ID for the NZW31 and we can create another device listing for it once Inovelli has responded that matches the current configuration.

Is this something you should update, or I should submit ?

All we need is the configuration parameter as mentioned above. The entry for the NZW31 should not be touched, there should be a new entry for the NZW31S to not break the database for existing users/devices. Basis for that is the xml you already provided.
As soon as you have the information from Inovelli for the missing scene config parameter, please provide them.

I figured out the issue, I was sent all of the Device ID’s from Inovelli for both NZW30(S) and NZW31(S). 1F00:1F00 = Dimmer with Scene Support NZW31S. 1F01:1F01 = Dimmer (No Scene Support) NZW31.

Scene Configuration matches that of the NZW30S aka 1E00:1E00 Device ID - Scene Number Section.

Yep - I’ve also been having some communications with Eric over the past few days - good to get decent support from manufacturers :slight_smile:

Will you update the database?

@chill that was me who created this device based on my XML from OpenHAB,
Let me come home and share it with you again. I don’t want to have broken dimmer once I update OpenHAB next time :slight_smile:

network_eba7bd9f__node_16.xml (11.4 KB)
Here is it. This is NZW31 (no scene support).
Apparently this device has both References (Type:Id) for NZW31 and NZW31S so we can edit in and remove 1F00:1F00 reference then create separate thing for 1F00:1F00 device.

@goopilot and @chris. I have no issues submitting a new request for the NZW31S device if needed. Just let me know what you need my assistance with and proper procedure. I can deal with this later if needed (3-4hours).

I agree, I don’t want to break everyone’s dimmer switch even if they are not using the Scene Support in the NZW31S.

In addition, I do have a more extensive list of ID’s that we can add in later. For now, I suggest we keep it simple and get these working. Then I can provide the entire list of IDs for both the NZW30(S) and NZW31(S) devices.

You can find info on the database here -:

I would suggest to leave it as it - or at least if you do start adding more IDs, please be careful as the list that I guess you have uses multiple manufacturers, not just Inovelli and we need to be careful not to mess things up (at least the list I have does).

@chris I’ve adjusted NZW31 and removed 1F00:1F00 ID for it.