Inovelli Switches not updating

Well, I tried deleting one of the things altogether and adding it back in. Removed it from the z-wave controller, deleted the thing, re-added. But still behaving the same way.

However, I then did a little more experimenting with the dimmers. If I just tap them to turn them completely on or off, they will not update in OH. If I dim the lights with the switch, to any percentage, they will update! It’s just a full-on or full-off (from any percentage) that does not update in OH.

It looks like for some reason the version of the device description that is in the binding is not the same as the database. I’ll update this later tonight, then you will need to remove the thing and add it back so that it picks up the new description. That should fix this for you.


They will need to update the binding too, correct?

Yes, sorry, that’s what I meant. I’ve already updated the database earlier today, and I will update the binding later tonight.

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Trying to find where the binding snapshot would be located; I’ve found reference to several locations but files seem old(er). What’s the correct link?

Update: I’ve found the github page, database update #1346. This is my first time making this sort of update; can I get a point to some directions on this? Thank you,

You can download the latest zwave binding from the OH build server:

  • Once you have your new JAR file downloaded, copy the file to your addons folder where custom bindings go. The path will depend on your install, but typically this is /[openhab root]/addons
  • Login into karaf console on your openhab machine. Again, this will depend on your install, but the typical method is by running: ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101
  • In the Karaf console, verify the status of your zwave bindings by running: bundle:list | grep -i zwave
  • You will probably see two zwave bindings. Find the one that looks older and remove it by running: bundle:uninstall [ID number of the bundle you want to remove]
  • After removing duplicate bindings, it’s a good idea to restart your zwave binding with: bundle:restart [ID number of bundle you want to restart]
  • Last step optional. You can accomplish the same thing by restarting openhab.
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I usually use the upgrade script that handles that.
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community


And that, as they say, is that! Works like a charm. Thanks everyone for the support!