Input / output expander for Rpi and Openhab?

What do you use as input/output expander for Rpi/Openhab installation.
Right now I’m using my hardware based on MCP23017 but I have a feeling that MCP23017 binding is not supported in new Openhab versions and I’m looking for alternative solution. I need at least 16 inputs and 16 outputs 5V. Any suggestions?

Below my current solution

You can use MCP3008 (MCP3208) with EXEC-Binding and (phyton-)script. This works with MCP23017 also.

But it is not clean solution it is rather workaround. I wounder what is most standard solution for increasing number of inputs/outputs?

I recently installed the following combination with a friend.
But I cannot say if this is the best and stebale solution, yet.

It worked very good and fast in your tests.