Input sought for remote control of devices... (replacing Logitech remote)

I am referring to the above link, which says a lot…

However, I am not (yet) “converted” to the new world order :slight_smile:

Here is what happened:

I have two SAT receivers (living in country Australia) to record from the free to air TV programs whatever my wife wants to view.
These are connected to a SONY Bravia TV (with GoogleTV) via HDMI.
The TV is connected to a SONY sound system with BlueRay player, connected to the TV via HDMI.
The BlueRay player died, and was replaced with a stand-along player (adding a new remote); connected to the TV via HDMI.
Now the sound system died, and I got a sound bar; connected to the TV via HDMI.
Now the soundbar comes on|off automatically when the TV is switched on|off.
The Logitech remote still works.

Thinking ahead: the Logitech dies (it already had two battery replacements); new devices can no longer be programmed with the Logitech remote).

The added constraints are:

  1. my vision is bill avoidance, hence, no paid subscriptions. Meaning, I won’t get FoxTel or NetFlix, etc. to replace e.g., free SAT channels.
  2. we have say 1,000 DVDs, we revisit over time. The point here is, Internet in country Australia is not the best; we could go unlimited downloads for streaming, but the bandwidth is significantly degraded in the evening hours.

Here the question: what can I use as a Logitech remote replacement?

My research on this forum has led to solutions like an OH Logitech widget, but what is used to get the commands to the devices?
Do I need something like LIIRC, and build an IR transceiver? (Doable for me.)
Is there any way OH users have figured out already?
I am OK with having a tablet of sort that display the remote, and can be used as e.g., general information screen.

I am happy to replace/add whatever device is being suggested, but it should not increase the number of devices.

Any hints appreciated.

Here are some suggestions:

I had a look at the omote project a while ago:

I did not end up trying to build this myself because I don’t think I have the time or the skills to finish this project but it looks pretty cool and its use case might just be exactly what you are looking for. So it’s definitely not really an out of the box solution but still worth mentioning :blush:

I’m unclear on whether or not your SAT receivers have HDMI-CEC. If not and you need a universal remote for RF/IR control, the Sofabaton U2 might work well for you. I haven’t used the U2, but it’s the first one I’d be inclined to try. Sounds like @sihui has had a good experience with the X1.

I no longer use my Harmony Hub remotes, because everything I have can now be controlled over HDMI-CEC. So, in my living room I rely on my Samsung TV’s excellent Bluetooth remote, and in my bedroom I use my Google TV remote.

I still use my Harmony Hubs for automation of some IR devices, and they’ll be easy to replace with Broadlink RM4s when the time comes.

Except the limited api to connect it to openHAB its okay. Only on/off for actions activities are available in the api, no volume up/down unfortunately.

Would you say that a Broadlink RM4 and a Sofabaton U2 remote are a better solution at this point in time? More complexity in the setup, but less than half the cost of the X1 (at least in Canada).

It surprises me a little that Broadlink hasn’t come out with an add-on remote for the RM4.

For my usecases I need acitivities/actions which are not available on the U2.
Also the U2 does not have any kind of api.
I can’t say much about the Broadlink as I have not tried it, but from reading the specs it seems to be a great device.

This might be a little bit out there but many years ago Samsung Android tablets used to come with an IR transceiver and an app that let you use the tablet as a universal remote. I don’t know if this is still a thing or not nor whether other brands of tablets picked up the same feature. But it’s an option to look into.

Thank you all for your suggestions…
I looked at all of them…

In summary, it is difficult at best, as there are many use case and options.

Using another online database-supported solution is just replacing the dead Logitech with future death-to-be-certain solution.

Turning a tablet into a remote; I read about Peel Smart Remote, which seem to be one of the most intrusive apps; pay to uninstall, always on, umpteen notifications on lock screen.

Building your own, like OMOTE seems awesome, but it encounters memory limits on the chosen hardware.

I also checked out CEC, and it seems limited in in functionality, with devices not implementing enough of the command set, often not beyond on|off.

The two satellite PVRs required a CEC-less adaptor to prevent these from interfering with the SONY TV and HDMI device selection (or identification).

So, I keep looking… ATM the Logitech remote still works (phew) :slight_smile:

Maybe I have to adopt the golden techy/automation rule: pick something and use it until it dies, and then use something else. Nothing seems to be forever. :slight_smile: