Install extension via /extensions/url/{url}/install REST API

Has anyone used this before? What is the proper format of the extension URL? I wasn’t able to find any docs about this REST endpoint.

We have hosted a JAR file for the binding we are working and we would like to programatically download / install the binding. Using the REST endpoint /extensions/url/{url}/install seemed like a good solution for this.

I tried the following

but it gives an error response

  "error": {
    "message": "The given URL is malformed or not valid.",
    "http-code": 400

I looked through the source files but didn’t find anything jumping out at me regarding URL format.

Any ideas?

This might be a better question for the ESH forum. There is more development activity over there and that is where the API is developed.

From an oh user perspective I have to ask why you don’t take advantage of the existing binding installation approaches, in particular the IoT Marketplace, which was created specifically to all developers to host bindings in their own repos but give users an easy way to find and install them.

@rlkoshak thanks for your reply.

We are creating new hardware, and our custom binding is in development phase which is not intended for public consumption at the moment. We are looking for a way to “deploy” bindings programmatically from our own repo to our OH2/ESH instances for testing. Currently, we manually copy and paste the JAR file to the addons directory but we would like to automate this.

I will post this on on ESH forum, thanks.

Makes sense. Good luck!